The Aparnaa School is an alternative to the typical campus development: it is a site for the testing of ideas instead of prescribing master plans. A place where time is allowed to gain value and is measured on and with the manmade. And an environment that is able to hold within itself many meanings of use and incrementality of growth.

Written and Contributed by Shubhra Raje


This project is a response to the onsite living conditions for temporal migrant construction workers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – aiming to provide a healthier living condition, as well as dignity, for a marginalised population – through a holistic design approach focusing on well-being, sanitation and children’s education.

Written and Contributed by Hatch Workshop


The Pavilion of Canopies was designed to celebrate tribal life, rituals and the symbiotic relationship with the forest. An earnest attempt has been made to raise awareness about the enrichment and conservation of forestlands and the communities residing within them by highlighting their lives within the forest. 

Written and Contributed by Abin Design Studio

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