The promise of piped water supply or groundwater via borewells for informal settlements contributes to a vicious cycle. The relationship of communities to natural resource regions is severed, leading to dependence on piped systems or groundwater, both of which are themselves finite sources. Integrated Design studied existing water stresses in the informal settlements of Ranchi to revive or strengthen their links to local water resources.

Written and Contributed by Integrated Design

BANDICOOT – manhole cleaning robot

The ‘Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013’, recognises manual cleaning of sewers as a dehumanising practise arising from the continuing existence of insanitary latrines and a highly iniquitous caste system. Four young replaced manual scavengers with robots in manholes. They kept the technology simple so that anyone can operate the Bandicoot with a little training.

Written and Contributed by Genrobotic Innovations