Designed and developed by Bangalore-based design house Studio ABD, Tigoona (teen-guna or three times) is empowering street entrepreneurs who play a vital role in the Indian urban economy. The cart has solar-powered light and can carry heavy loads (up to 100 kg). It enables easy waste management, protection against sun and rain and is carefully designed for easy usage by both men and women street vendors.

Written and Contributed by Studio ABD


Design Museum Dharavi is an open format and since the start of the project wanted to inspire other people, adapting it and creating similar initiatives at other locations. The museum engages with local makers in new collaborations, exploring their creativity and designing new items together for public exhibitions. The showcased objects, proposals, strategies and models reflect the talent of local makers, craftsmen, designers, contractors and other professionals operating within Dharavi, and aim to open new creative directions and scenarios.

Written and Contributed by Design Musuem Dharavi

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