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S4S Technologies
Mumbai, Maharashtra


In India, farmers often sell their produce for a cheaper price in the evening, as it otherwise rots. S4S Technologies has developed a business model and a solar conduction dryer that increases the shelf life of excess vegetables to six months.

What is the project about?

S4S Technologies has developed a solar conduction dryer that dehydrates and processes the excess vegetables and fruits. This increases the shelf life of vegetables to six months.

S4S supports the system through a business model and building a supply chain for these products to reach the market.

The product was developed specifically for, and with input from, female farmers.

The company identifies women entrepreneurs in villages who become aggregators that work with 15-20 micro-entrepreneurs each. Based on market demand, these micro-entrepreneurs dry items like ginger, garlic, carrot and beetroot. Once dried, aggregators supply the products back to S4S, which then sells the produce to institutional clients.

The dryers are well-suited for farmers working under erratic electricity conditions. The rent-based model makes it affordable for small-scale farmers.

Project Funded by

S4S is supported by Shell Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), UKAID, DBS Foundation, UN Women and partnering with Covestro, Marico.

Stakeholders Involved

The product was developed specifically for, and with input from, female farmers.

What is the impact?

Employment Creation: S4S is working with 2,700 women farmers, monthly serving 550 customers and clients like Nestle, Sodexo, Marico, IRCTC, Taj Stats.

Additional Profit : 50-200% up
S4S provides an additional income to landless women farmers providing training and capacity building.

Financial Inclusion: 5000+ Household

CO2 saving: 108,000 ton / year
S4S model addresses the challenge of climate change by using solar energy.

Food losses saved: 13,500 tons/year

Nutrition rich food supply to: 10,70,000 population

Reproductive women with improved haemoglobin profile: 30,000

Nutrition awareness: 2500,000 people

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About S4S Technologies:

S4S Technologies is a food preservation company that invents new food processing machines and sells the machines to farmers or use them at their own facility to produce the best quality processed food.

The high quality processed food is supplied to a wide range of clients. With technology at its core, S4S Technologies works with many partners organizations to create a sustainable supply of processed food products.