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Gurugram, Haryana


Lopez Design developed a cohesive, purposeful and humanistic branding system for the Partners’ Forum 2018 at New Delhi. The idea for the Identity emerged from the thinking that ‘Women, Children and Adolescents are the fabric of society’.

What is the project about?

1000 members of PMNCH (Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Children’s Health) from 77 countries met in December 2018 in New Delhi for the fourth Partners’ Forum. The partner’s forum branding brought together partners from a diversity of platforms to develop a unique experience for the delegates.

From Pipli to the World

The idea for the Identity emerged from the thinking that ‘Women, Children and Adolescents are the fabric of society’. This led us to literally translate the identity in fabric using the craft of Pipli, an eponymous village in Odisha renowned for its indigenous applique work.

The six themes of the Forum come together forming the wheel of life, promoting a healthy and productive environment for women, children and adolescents.

“This identity system becomes unique both in how it has been conceived and applied, in its very essence delivering the forum theme – Cross-Sectoral Partnership – in real terms”, says Anthony Lopez, founder, Lopez Design. 

Conference bags designed to be colourful and fun without a permanent logo, allowing people to reuse it back home, extending the life of the product and memory of the conference.

Beyond the Branding

Going beyond the brief, our multi-pronged approach delivered economic growth to the craft people by setting up a platform for sustainable development. Along the way, it became clear that this exercise could go beyond just merely creating an identity for the conference.

We began designing all of the conference materials to be repurposed into usable products of daily use such as bags, cushion covers and table runners. Strategically this would extend the brand beyond the conference advocating its purpose and objective.

Project Funded by

The project was funded by the PMNCH body and hosted by the Government of India.

Stakeholders Involved

The event was organised in partnership with the PMNCH and Government of India, but further extended to various creative bodies like Pipli artisans, Lopez Design, Studio Eeksaurus (Animation) and Splat Studio (space mapping and projection).

What is the impact?

The stakeholders were involved in the design process from start to finish and very accepting of different ideas like repurposing and cloth finish for various collaterals in the forum.

The designs that came out of the exercise were handed over to the craftspeople to use, encouraging commerce. We are now looking for large markets for these craftspeople to bring about economic growth to these clusters, triggering enablers for sustainable development.

Design is often misunderstood as a cosmetic solution, but it is truly a tool of intervention and a transformative force. By giving artisans designs to make for the future, we gave them a stepping stone.

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