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Studio ABD, Tigoona
Bangalore, Karnataka



Designed and developed by Bangalore-based design house Studio ABD, Tigoona (teen-guna or three times) is empowering street entrepreneurs who play a vital role in the Indian urban economy. The cart has solar-powered light and can carry heavy loads (up to 100 kg). It enables easy waste management, protection against sun and rain and is carefully designed for easy usage by both men and women street vendors.

What is the project about?

Conceived as a solution to address the pain points of street vendors, the Tigoona is positioned as a wonder on wheels.

Abhijit Bansod, Founder, Studio ABD, says “The paradox of life is when I step out of home, I see a completely different India. On one hand, there is the tech-savvy India, and on the other is an India that’s still struggling with ‘jugaads’. In our booming retail story, the hawkers or the mobile vendors of India have been awaiting their turn to earn attention and positive transformation.”

Covid19 pandemic created an unprecedented situation for everybody, and the lockdown was too harsh for street vendors, small businesses. The fear of the Corona Virus will impact the way we have engaged with each other and on the streets. Masks, social distancing and home delivery of goods/ services will be the new norm.

In this new normal, how would these small vendors/stores survive? There are more than 10 million estimated street vendors in urban cities of India. 

The idea behind Tigoona was to enable better business for the disadvantaged sections in a manner that’s comfortable and instils pride in the job that they do. All it took was some empathy, to see that they saw and feel what they felt.

The studio also noticed that home delivery had moved to the bottom of the pyramid. We want to provide for kiranas and small vendors the same low-cost home delivery options that big e-commerce players enjoy currently.

A classic example of human-centric design, Tigoona offers mobility, safety and comfort to all static street vendors, including women who had no access to mobility due to balancing the bicycle or due to traditional costumes. Tigoona (teen-guna or three times) will help street vendors/ hawkers to achieve three times more from their life. What’s more, it comes in a flat pack, like simple bicycle parts, can be easily customised, and can be repaired anywhere in India. It comes with a solar-powered light for business during the night time and can carry heavy loads (up to 100 kg). It enables easy waste management, protection against sun and rain and is carefully designed for easy usage by both men and women street vendors.

Project Funded by

Tigoona is self-funded by Studio ABD.

Stakeholders Involved

Tigoona is led by Mr Abhijit Bansod and Studio ABD team which includes product designers, engineers, graphic designers and design strategists.

What is the impact?

The studio is working with government bodies like the BBMP, NGOs and organizations like the Rotary Club, SEWA & Access Dev and getting support from crowdsourcing to get onboard more vendors and take the concept to more potential beneficiaries. The studio is seeking institutional partners to take this forward. There are many opportunities for customisation and we see many new user scenarios with this.

Tigoona means: 
3 x Business 
3 x Mobility 
3 x Reach
3 x Comfort 
3 x Safe 
3 x Ease 
3 x Pride 
3 x Respect 

What is there for the user: PRIDE & BETTER LIFE
Sense of pride 
Ease of usage
Mobility to women 
Basic comfort 
Unique identity  
Manage deliveries 
Lower investment 
Day/ night business opportunity 

What is there for the government: EMPLOYMENT & ECONOMY 
Employment visible development 
MSME booster 
Organise street vendor sector 
Better economy
Better hygiene 
Clean cities 

What is there for society: SENSE OF BELONGING 
Culture of aesthetics
Organised streets
Beautiful cities 
Hygienic and clean spaces 

An upgraded electric version of the Tigoona will also be made available soon.

Meanwhile, the first 100 lot are set to hit the Bangalore market soon.

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